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The private sharing platform empowers developers to make use of user data from thousands of sources in a way that fully respects a user’s privacy, and whilst conforming to GDPR.Build with

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Are you running a hackathon? Would you like to be able to provide private personal data into your hackathon projects with individual user consent? Then look no further.Find out more

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News and Updates

SDK Update: Certificate Pinning

Release Dates: Current Version of iOS 3.1.1, 8th April 2020 Android Developers, apologies for the short notice on this app update. Action Required: Please update all your in-store apps to the latest version of the SDK. The updated apps will need to be in the app stores by, 29th April 2020 for iOS and before 24th June 2020 for Android. This will ensure ongoing access to data and consent through the SDK’s.

Developer SDK Announcement: Ongoing Access & More

Release Date: 22nd April 2020 We are delighted to share with our developer community preview of what is coming in next week’s SDK update. In this update we will have some great new features that will save time, resources and complexity when on-boarding and retaining users. You asked if we could allow users to connect once and have ongoing access to personal data that fits within the bounds of the consent receipt that had been agreed.

Quick Product Performance Update; Application Authorisation Issues

We’ve come a long way in a short space of time with our technology and services, and sometimes we need to step back to move two steps forward. Here is a quick update about some technical issues you may have been experiencing whilst using the app and its connected services. As an organisation we aim to keep our customers, app users, developers and partners up to date with any issues as they arise and communicate them with you, so in the spirit of transparency we hope this is helpful to you.

COVID-19 offers immediate production access to medical records data with consent from the individuals to share their medical data with your solution. Save time, money and reduce your time to market by implementing with We are open to supporting production of apps and services of any size with our scalable and easy to implement developer tools.

We are helping businesses, governments and individuals to ensure that personal data is handled in a way that is ethical, safe and reliable.Get in touch and let us help get your solution to market

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Great resources and tools to help you get started building a health app using health resources


Great resources and tools to help you get started building a finance app using finance resources