Sample sharing contracts

In order to use the Private Sharing SDKs, you will need one or more private sharing contracts. 

These contracts represent the data that you are requesting from your users as well as the specifics around terms of use.

For development purposes, or to try our SDKs, you can use sample contracts which we make available on this page and our developer Slack workspace. Each contract has a contract ID, a password and a private key that work together to request, download and decrypt personal data shared with your app.

In order to release an app to production, you will need personalised contracts that are tied to your app id and have your branding and contact information as well as your legal terms embedded. When you are ready to go to production or interact with real users, visit our “launching your app” page to request production contracts. 

Feel free to download any of the following contracts and keys to play around with the SDKs:

Private Sharing Contracts

Contract 1: Financial and social data from 01 Jan 2017 to 17 Mar 2018
Contract ID: 9nQ2hjbdUuxwcYXascPDH0HzOIAa7t4n
Contract Password: digime
Contract p12: 9nQ2hjbdUuxwcYXascPDH0HzOIAa7t4n.p12
Contract Private Key: 9nQ2hjbdUuxwcYXascPDH0HzOIAa7t4n.key

Contract 2: Financial and social data for the last 3 months
Contract ID: y3lHtFPSLnfo7EldRkOVLXeIP7qPflxt
Contract Password: monkey periscope
Contract p12: y3lHtFPSLnfo7EldRkOVLXeIP7qPflxt.p12
Contract Private Key: y3lHtFPSLnfo7EldRkOVLXeIP7qPflxt.key

Contract 3: Financial, social, health, fitness and music data from 01 Jun 2017 to 30 Jun 2018
Contract ID: fJI8P5Z4cIhP3HawlXVvxWBrbyj5QkTF
Contract Password: monkey periscope
Contract p12: fJI8P5Z4cIhP3HawlXVvxWBrbyj5QkTF.p12
Contract Private Key: fJI8P5Z4cIhP3HawlXVvxWBrbyj5QkTF.key

Contract 4: Financial, social, health, fitness and music data for the last 3 months
Contract ID: NwkLC6cRnxeQ0PSRmysngE0eLSS2NiWr
Contract Password: digime
Contract p12: NwkLC6cRnxeQ0PSRmysngE0eLSS2NiWr.p12
Contract Private Key: NwkLC6cRnxeQ0PSRmysngE0eLSS2NiWr.key

Postbox Contracts

Postbox currently supports only RAW mode. Sending mapped data via Postbox is a planned future improvement.

To use Postbox, you will require one contract to push raw data to a user’s library and a separate contract to pull raw data from a user’s library.

At this time it is not possible to combine your regular Private Sharing contract with the one to read Postbox raw data.

Contract 1: Push raw data
Contract ID: Cb1JC2tIatLfF7LH1ksmdNx4AfYPszIn

Contract 2: Pull raw data
Contract ID: slA5X9HyO2TnAxBIcRwf1VfpovcD1aQX
Contract Password: digime
Contract p12: slA5X9HyO2TnAxBIcRwf1VfpovcD1aQX.p12
Contract Private Key: slA5X9HyO2TnAxBIcRwf1VfpovcD1aQX.key