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Quickstart for Node.js

This SDK is a server side Node library that allows seamless authentication with the private sharing service written for JavaScript/TypeScript.



  • Node 18.0 or above
  • (Optional, if using TypeScript) TypeScript 4.0 or above


Using npm:

$ npm i @digime/digime-sdk-nodejs

Example Application

You can check out an example application which uses the SDK.

Getting Started

Please check out the getting started guide to start using

Contributions prides itself in offering our SDKs completely open source, under the Apache 2.0 Licence; we welcome contributions from all developers.

We ask that when contributing, you ensure your changes meet our contribution guidelines before submitting a pull request.

Further Reading

The topics discussed under Quick Start are just a small part of the power Private Sharing gives to data consumers such as yourself. We highly encourage you to explore the full API documentation for more in-depth examples and guides, as well as troubleshooting advice and showcases of the capabilities on offer.

Additionally, there are a number of example apps built on Feel free to have a look at those to get an insight into the power of Private Sharing.