Last modified: December 20th, 2018




We've added 9 Californian hospitals that you can import parts of your medical record from.

Introduced the Consent Dashboard - when you choose to share some of your content with other companies using the digi.me exchange, you'll be able to see who you shared with and when. From here you can also send requests to enforce your right to be forgotten.

We've also improved the presentation of consent contracts to make it easier to see what you're consenting to.

Added another storage option for your library - OneDrive

Added a new fitness tracker source - Garmin

We've made creating and connecting to a library simpler and improved how we educate people on the power of their data during this process.

Also lots of tweaks addressing most of the issues you've been raising (thank you, it really helps us make digi.me stronger). These include improvements to how Spotify data is displayed, Fitbit and Garmin active minute records, Dropbox and Google Drive re-authentication, deleting libraries, removing accounts, and better behaviour for syncing after you have closed the app.


Fixed an annoying bug that kept asking some of our users to re-authenticate certain sources.


A quick fix to improve content sharing.


You can now add your Spotify listening habits to your digi.me Library!

• See what you have been listening to
• Get instant access to your saved Playlists
• See the artists and bands you follow
• Search for any track, album, artist or playlist
• Even your flashbacks will now also include the music you were listening to!

You can now add your Spotify listening habits to your digi.me Library!

• Faster sync. If you have big social accounts or have several connected, you will notice not only is more data is being imported, it’s being imported faster
• Images and videos imported from Instagram and Facebook no longer expire
• Fixed a crash that would sometimes occur when auto-populating search WHAT parameter
• Fixed an issue causing the keyboard to pop up if you left the search pane through unconventional means
• Added a fix for a crash that would occur after connecting to existing library and reopening the app
• All network calls now complete on background thread, which contributes to improved app performance
• Added support for ‘Back’ navigation for insight tiles
• Improved Pinterest onboarding
• Added a new fun tile that will highlight your photos with people smiling. All analysed on your device so no images or information is shared to achieve this. (Android only)
• Your medical record measurements are now represented
• Your text posts are now displayed correctly in Saved Search Tiles 


Lots of improvements to the importing and displaying of your bank transaction data and medical records. Introducing a new insight - if you've ever wondered which emoji you use most, wonder no more! Many more fixes, for a full list check out the release notes on our site.

• Fixed the counter on saved search tiles. This should now display correct number.
• Added support for Twitter tags and mentions
• Sharing a video now shares the URL to that video.
• Fixed an issue where some financial institution icons would sometimes fail to show
• The Buzzmoji tile now supports flag emoji
• The Buzzmoji tile now correctly calculates user’s own posts and comments for emoji counts
• Finance account tile logos are now scaled to ‘fit’ the space, as opposed to ‘fill’
• Added support for Safe Areas for iPhone X (onboarding screens)
• Health Fitness Daily Summaries now show correct amount of goals achieved
• Fixed a bug where password change message appeared prematurely
• Fixed a bug where avatars were not shown correctly
• Fixed a bug in Tile Management where data sources would not refresh properly
• Layout support for new iPads
• Fixed an issue where Fitbit detail view would not be properly resized when changing device orientation
• Added dark overlay to all search tiles that require it (that have a blurred image, except Account tiles)
• Search UI is no longer scrollable when filtering names/collections
• Fixed a bug where new animation would not run when connecting new account
• Opening app from Flashback no longer bypasses password screen
• Account rows no longer change position in Settings when data is being synced
• Search UI now supports multiple accounts.
• Google Drive rere-authentication auth is now handled properly, and without crashing
• Fixed a rare crash that would occur just after library has been deleted (start over)


After pushing out new features, we've spent the last week working through the outstanding bugs we had on our hit list.
Some of the highlights include:


Got a Fitbit? You can now add your activities, workouts and achievements to your digi.me Library!

• Search for a specific workout
• See all your achievements, and share them
• Get daily summaries and see how you are doing compared to your goals
• Share your workouts with others

Prefer Google Drive? You can now choose to keep your Library in Google Drive or Dropbox. More options coming soon!

Who comments most on your posts? Find out who really digs you. What’s a friendship worth without a heavy dose of interactions. Nothing, that’s what! Just jump over to tile management (press and swipe right on search) to add our newest insight tile ‘Who comments most’ so you can easily see those friends that take the time to share a thought with you.

Fancy a tour? We’ve added a tour that starts up when you connect your first account or reconnect to an existing Library. As an existing user you can go to settings (press and swipe left on the search button) and reconnect to your Library again to experience it.


• We've upgraded the level of encryption we use to secure your Library
• If you were having trouble syncing all your Instagram posts, this update should fix that
• Bank transaction import is a lot more reliable
• Added new finance based roles to the yellow WITH filter - you can now filter by Merchant or Sender
• General tidy up of the roles function so it is more aware of other selected filters
• Fixed a specific bug where the WITH list would appear empty
• You're going to love the responsiveness of the quick slider - start scrolling and you'll see a little handle appear on the right. Grab that to whizz back through your timeline. Now even easy to use!
• You can now share your text posts!
• We've updated how the app handles errors and how we communicate that to you
• Lots of under the hood fixes that hopefully you won't notice


Quick fix to address a small layout issue and an occasional quirk with data syncing.


No new features in this release but we have been very busy...

• Occasionally an empty tile would appear, not any more
• Tweaks to the quick-slider on iOS and Android (it's the orange thing that appears on the right when you start scrolling. Grab it to quickly jump through time. You can also tap on a visible month to jump even quicker). See it's worth reading release notes
• Improved Flashback year indicator. It now detects the image colour to avoid unpleasant clashes
• iPad text views have received some love
• Improved spending category mappings
• We gave the apps a maths lesson, it can now add up transactions correctly
• We removed lots of old code and assets no longer being used, reducing the app size slightly
• Lots of work to support a different place to keep your Library, coming soon!


New: If you are an Icelander you can now request access to import important parts of your medical record to your digi.me Library.
Also fixed the Rate us link so you can now actually rate us (oops).


You can now add your bank accounts to your digi.me!

• Use our powerful search tool to quickly find a merchant or transaction
• See how much you have spent in total at one specific shop
• See how much you spend eating out, eek!

In addition to this we have addressed a little of little issues, thank you if you were one of those that highlighted one.