Everything you need to
successfully demo digi.me

Explore apps powered by digi.me to find cool new ways to use your data privately!

Digi.me mobile app

Download and sign up inside the app. This app is required for all apps powered by digi.me.

Connect to our library

Tap the QR code above or open the camera and point at the QR code

Open digi.me app and tap ‘Got a library?’
Then tap ‘Scan a QR code’

Library Password:

This demo library is for you to use so you don't have to share your own content. It includes the following data categories and sources:

General Interests - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter Pinterest and Spotify

Medical - Cerner Demo Health Record (US Medical)

Health & Fitness - Fitbit

Financial - Credit Card

Experience standard onboarding

Once you have explored the example library and consent access, you can start over to experience normal onboarding, enabling you to connect your own personal accounts.

Start Over - Open Settings (press on Search button and swipe left). Tap on 'Leave Library'

If you want to connect to the demo library again, repeat the Start Over process to connect to the existing library as instructed above.

Download apps to use Private Sharing

Before using any of these apps please ensure that you have opened digi.me and connected to the Demo library.

Please visit digi.me/share to see all apps currently available.

Explore apps

See the magic of private sharing with apps for yourself. Our privacy by design, decentralised architecture means we never touch, hold or see data

"digi.me is building an entire app ecosystem" - The Verge