QuickStart for JS

Min Requirements

• Node version 8.6 or greater, with NPM

Get started with the example app

1. Clone the demo app

git clone https://github.com/digime/digime-js-sdk-example.git

2. Install dependencies

Run the following command to install the required dependencies;

npm install

3. Configure the app

Open the /index.js file and replace the placeholders with the values you received from digi.me. Set your application ID, contract ID, and digi-me-private.key as shown from the placeholders below:

// Options that we will pass to the Digi.me SDK
const APP = {
	// Replace [PLACEHOLDER_APP_ID] with the Application ID that was provided to you by Digi.me
	// Replace [PLACEHOLDER_CONTRACT_ID] with the Contract ID that was provided to you by Digi.me
	// Put your private key file (digi-me-private.key) provided by Digi.me next to your /.js file.
	// If the file name is different please update it below.
	key: fs.readFileSync("./digi-me-private.key"),

4. Run the server

npm start

5. Make it your own

Explore the code! Use the sample app as a base or start a new project using the SDK. For more information about the SDK or how to integrate the SDK into an existing or new project, please check out our GitHub JS SDK documentation.