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YouTube (service)

Uses data from the YouTube data API to connect to user videos, subscriptions, liked videos, and playlists.

Connects and uses the following YouTube API endpoints * Activities Contains information about actions that a user has taken on YouTube. These include rating a video, marking as favourite etc. * Channels * Comments * Playlists Represents a playlist on YouTube. Playlists are a collection of videos that can be viewed and shared. * PlaylistItems These items represent a resource on a PlayList. * Search * Subscriptions Contains information regarding a YouTube user subscription. Subscriptions notify users when new videos are added to a channel. * Videos Represents user videos

Objects Used

MediaMedia refers to any image, GIF, or video
PostAn individual post in a profile's feed
ChannelContains information about a YouTube channel
PlaylistList of the playlists owned or followed by the current user.

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