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Facebook (service)

Uses the Facebook service API to retrieve data such as Posts, Images, and Comments from a single Facebook user.

The Facebook API limits us to return only Posts, Images, and Comments for an authorized user, but not for their friends Posts and comments etc or friends graph.

Please see the table below;

Category - Posts

  • Your Posts
  • Posts you're tagged in
  • Other peoples posts in your timeline
  • Posts hidden from your timeline
  • Notes
  • Polls

Category - Comments

  • Comments you've posted

Category - Friends

  • Friends
  • Sent Friend requests
  • Received friend requests
  • Removed friends

Objects Used

MediaMedia refers to any image, GIF, or video
PostAn individual post in a profile's feed
CommentA message left on a Post, Album, Comment, Photo, or Video
ProfileA profile can be a User, Page, Group, Event, or Application
LikeRepresents likes for an Album, Comment, Photo, or Video

Related service groups

Group IDGroup Type