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Services are data providers and sources such as Facebook or Google Fit where users personal and public data is kept (such as social media). Connects to the respective service API via an internal proxy processing function (running from our cloud process) to return user data from a service.

Services are categorised and grouped by their specific service type; i.e, Social, Finance, Health & Fitness, Entertainment, Medical, and Government

IDServiceService Groups
260Apple HealthHealth & Fitness
283Facebook PageSocial
15FitbitHealth & Fitness
254GarminHealth & Fitness
284GoogleFitHealth & Fitness
428Australian BanksFinance
429New Zealand BanksFinance
422UK BanksFinance
423EU BanksFinance
20006NL - Huidmedischcentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20007NL - Meandermc Ziekenhuis Amersfoort (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20008NL - Stolmedklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20009NL - Bovenij Ziekenhuis Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20010NL - Flebologisch Centrum Grave (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20182NL - Polidirect (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20011NL - Oogkliniekdrechtsteden (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20012NL - Ceulenklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20013NL - Medischcentrumwetering (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20014NL - Oogkliniekmaastricht Kliniek Maastricht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20015NL - Klinieklangevoorhout Kliniek Rijswijk (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20016NL - Oogartsenpraktijk Delfland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20017NL - Rijndam Revalidatiecentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20018NL - Behandelcentrumneurologie Kliniek Veldhoven (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20019NL - Zorgpraktijk-avenue-carnisse Kliniek Barendrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20020NL - Parkwegklinieksommer (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20021NL - Bergmanclinics (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20022NL - Skb-streekziekenhuiskoninginbeatrix Ziekenhuis Winterswijk (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20180NL - Srnrevalidatie (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20023NL - Sandstepklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20024NL - Umcutrecht Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24853NL - Antonivanleeuwenhoekziekenhuis Ziekenhuis Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20025NL - Groenehartziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20026NL - Prinsesmaximacentrum Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20027NL - Cmh Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20028NL - Heliomare Revalidatie Wijkaanzee (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20029NL - Nijsmellinghe Ziekenhuis Drachten (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20030NL - Radiotherapiegroep Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20031NL - Rivas Zorggroep (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20032NL - Eisenhowerkliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20033NL - Libra Revalidatie Eindhoven (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20034NL - Ommelanderziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20001NL - Huisartsenpraktijkarchipel Huisarts Sgravenhage (Huisartsgegevens)Medical
20035NL - Hyperbaargeneeskundigcentrumrijswijk (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20036NL - Medischcentrumjanvangoyen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20173NL - Merem Revalidatie Hilversum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20002NL - Duoreshablehuisartsenhuisartsomdehoek Huisartspraktijk Sgravenhage (Huisartsgegevens)Medical
20037NL - Sintmaartenskliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20176NL - Vogellanden Revalidatie Zwolle (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20038NL - Pantein Ziekenhuis 5835dv1 (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20039NL - Valeokliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20040NL - Ziekenhuisgeldersevallei (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20042NL - Heelkundeinstituutnederland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20043NL - Ikazia Ziekenhuis Rotterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20044NL - Polikliniekdeblaak (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20045NL - Epd Braamkliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20046NL - Langeland Ziekenhuis Zoetermeer (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20047NL - Maasstad Ziekenhuis Rotterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20048NL - Stichtingruysdaelclinics (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20049NL - Belife (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20050NL - Spijkenissemedischcentrum Ziekenhuis Spijkenisse (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20051NL - Epd Cortoclinics (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20052NL - Hetvanweelbethesdaziekenhuis Ziekenhuis Dirksland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20053NL - Medinello (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24857NL - Epd Daantheeuwescentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20054NL - Excellentcareclinics (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20055NL - Orfeokliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24856NL - Epd Dr-kuypers-kliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20056NL - Zbcmulticare (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20057NL - Alexandermonroziekenhuis Bilthoven (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20058NL - Epd Medischcentrumwaalre (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20174NL - Epd Mohsa-huidcentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20059NL - Mrc Revalidatiecentrum Doorn (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20060NL - Epd Parkmedischcentrum-parkkliniek Rotterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20061NL - Zgt Ziekenhuisgroep Twente (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20062NL - Epd Optimalcarepijnklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20063NL - Laurentius Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20064NL - Zaansmedischcentrum Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20065NL - Cardiologiecentranederland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20066NL - Klimmendaal Revalidatiecentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20067NL - Noordwest Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20068NL - Erasmusmc Ziekenhuis Rotterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20069NL - Sportgeneeskunderotterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20070NL - Davincikliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20071NL - Sionsbergnetwerkziekenhuis Msz Dokkum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20072NL - Wiklerklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20073NL - Echografiepraktijktwentecentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20074NL - Stichtingcardiologieamsterdamnoord (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20075NL - Womenshealthcarecenter Kliniek Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20076NL - Dermazuid Kliniek Maastricht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20077NL - Fertiliteitskliniektwente (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24859NL - Nijbarrahus Zbc Wolvega (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20078NL - Catharinaziekenhuis Ziekenhuis Eindhoven (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24860NL - Nijgeertgen Zbc Elsendorp (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20079NL - Keizerkliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24861NL - Nijlinge Zbc Gorinchem (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20080NL - Marinaclinic (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24858NL - Slingeland Ziekenhuis Doetinchem (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20081NL - Martini Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20082NL - Medischcentrumkinderwens Leiderdorp (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20083NL - Ncpc (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20084NL - Reade Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20085NL - Dialysecentrumravenstein (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20086NL - Oogenwelzijn (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20087NL - Hagaziekenhuis Denhaag (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20088NL - Mauritskliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20089NL - Oogvoorzorg (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20090NL - Elkerliek Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20091NL - Haaglandenmedischcentrum Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20092NL - Psoriasisdagbehandelingscentrummiddennederland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20093NL - Rooseveltkliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20094NL - Gelreziekenhuizen Ziekenhuis Apeldoorn (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20095NL - Revalidatiefriesland (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20096NL - Velthuiskliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20097NL - Sein Expertisecentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20098NL - Xpertclinic (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20099NL - Xpertclinicsoogzorg (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20100NL - Tjongerschans Ziekenhuis Heerenveen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20101NL - Amphiaziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20102NL - Pento Audiologische Centra (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20103NL - Viasana (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20104NL - Ziekenhuisstjansdal (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20105NL - Amsterdamumc-amc-vumc Ziekenhuis Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20106NL - Nsdsk Audiologische Centra (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20107NL - Reumazorgzwn (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20108NL - Elisabethtweestedenziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24854NL - Wilhelminaziekenhuisassen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20109NL - Dehoogstraat Revalidatie Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20111NL - Kempenhaeghe (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20112NL - Olvg Ziekenhuis Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20113NL - Radboudumc (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20114NL - Sintantoniusziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20115NL - Albertschweitzerziekenhuis Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20004NL - Huisartsenpraktijkdebiezen Huisartspraktijk Dordrecht (Huisartsgegevens)Medical
20116NL - Spaarnegasthuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20117NL - Melleshoornvlieskliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20118NL - Oudzuid Kliniek Amsterdam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20119NL - Zorgsaam Ziekenhuis Terneuzen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20120NL - Mkagroep (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20121NL - Amstelland Ziekenhuis Amstelveen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20122NL - Viecuri (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20123NL - Dianet (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20124NL - Isala Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20125NL - Mstmedischspectrumtwente Ziekenhuis Twente (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20126NL - Zuyderlandmc Ziekenhuis 6419pc5 (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20127NL - Adrz Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20128NL - Dcklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20129NL - Mosaderma Kliniek Hoensbroek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20130NL - Umcg Ziekenhuis Groningen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20131NL - Dermatologischcentrumutrecht Kliniek Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20132NL - Ziekenhuisrivierenland Ziekenhuis Tiel (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20133NL - Reinierdegraaf Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20134NL - Franciscus Gasthuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20005NL - Huisartsenpraktijkhetbaken Huisarts Denhaag (Huisartsgegevens)Medical
20135NL - Deventer Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20136NL - Dijklander Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20137NL - Kliniektwente Kliniek Oldenzaal (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20138NL - Treant Ziekenhuiszorg (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20139NL - Dialysecentrumgroningen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20140NL - Medischcentrumleeuwarden (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20141NL - Saxenburgh Ziekenhuis Hardenberg (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
24855NL - Maastro (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20142NL - Elyseklinieken (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20181NL - Sjg Stjansgasthuis Ziekenhuis Weert (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20144NL - Tergooimc Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20145NL - Basalt Revalidatiecentrum (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20146NL - Omcz Oogmedischcentrum Zaandam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20147NL - Annatommiemc (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20148NL - Drbrinkmannkliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20003NL - Jwvandoornhuisarts Huisartspraktijk Sgravenhage (Huisartsgegevens)Medical
20149NL - Eyescan (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20150NL - Ijsselland Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20151NL - Pijnkliniekdebilt (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20152NL - Antonius Zorggroep (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20153NL - Focuszorgteam (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20154NL - Cwz Ziekenhuis Nijmegen (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20155NL - Revalidatieocazorg (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20156NL - Instituutverbeeten (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20157NL - Nederlandsslaapinstituut (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20158NL - Roessingh Revalidatie Enschede (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20159NL - Bravis Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20160NL - Oogheelkunderijswijkeyescan (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20161NL - Rijnstate Ziekenhuis Arnhem (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20162NL - Androsclinics (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20163NL - Maximamc Ziekenhuis Veldhoven (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20164NL - U-clinic Kliniek (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20165NL - Diakonessenhuis Ziekenhuis Utrecht (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20166NL - Lumc Ziekenhuis (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20167NL - Alrijne Ziekenhuis Leiderdorp (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20168NL - Rodekruisziekenhuis Ziekenhuis Beverwijk (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20169NL - Annaziekenhuis Ziekenhuis Geldrop (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20170NL - Nephrocarediapriva (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20171NL - Revant Revalidatie (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
20172NL - Centrumoosterwal (Basisgegevens zorg)Medical
280England GP RecordsMedical
10039US - Kelsey-Seybold ClinicMedical
330US - Children's Hospital ColoradoMedical
38US - GeisingerMedical
21US - Atrius HealthMedical
384US - Kaiser Permanente – Oregon – SW WashingtonMedical
416US - University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)Medical
383US - Kaiser Permanente – GeorgiaMedical
377US - HealthPartnersMedical
10081US - UCSF Benioff Children's HospitalMedical
331US - East Boston Neighborhood Health CenterMedical
128US - UCSF HealthMedical
229US - UW Medicine (Washington)Medical
154US - UChicago MedicineMedical
10104US - Waco Family Medicine (Heart of Texas Community Health Center)Medical
126US - Sutter HealthMedical
392US - MultiCare Health SystemMedical
10099US - Kootenai HealthMedical
246US - Penn MedicineMedical
28US - Carle Foundation Hospital & Physician GroupMedical
198US - Fairview Health ServicesMedical
393US - NemoursMedical
227US - University of Utah HealthcareMedical
178US - TriHealthMedical
310US - ParklandMedical
240US - Essentia HealthMedical
10072US - SolutionHealthMedical
370US - Children's Hospital of PhiladelphiaMedical
139US - Cleveland ClinicMedical
202US - Group Health Cooperative - South Central WisconsinMedical
76US - Rush University Medical CenterMedical
298US - Harris Health SystemMedical
233US - Contra CostaMedical
301US - Institute for Family HealthMedical
224US - The Guthrie ClinicMedical
62US - NorthShore University Health SystemMedical
324US - University Hospital (New Jersey)Medical
134US - Austin Regional ClinicMedical
65US - OCHINMedical
190US - Cambridge Health AllianceMedical
236US - Hospital Sisters Health System (HSHS)Medical
10131US - Ascension ProvidenceMedical
385US - Kaiser Permanente - WashingtonMedical
200US - Froedtert HealthMedical
10113US - UC Davis - MMCMedical
122US - Loyola MedicineMedical
10114US - Childrens's Healthcare of AtlantaMedical
10036US - Kaiser Permanente - Maryland/Virginia/Washington D.C.Medical
386US - Kaiser Permanente Hawaii / Maui Health SystemMedical
381US - Kaiser Permanente - California - SouthernMedical
380US - Kaiser Permanente - California - NorthernMedical
382US - Kaiser Permanente - ColoradoMedical
325US - University of Texas Medical BranchMedical
166US - Hawaii Pacific HealthMedical
10112US - UC DavisMedical
132US - Allina Health SystemMedical
127US - Texas Health ResourcesMedical
114US - University of California San DiegoMedical
70US - Premier HealthMedical
213US - Oregon Health & Science UniversityMedical
78US - Sanford HealthMedical
10032US - Hennepin HealthcareMedical
30US - CentraCare Health and AffiliatesMedical
10064US - Reliant Medical GroupMedical
239US - Renown, Barton, CVMCMedical
336US - Lee HealthMedical
315US - Sentara HealthcareMedical
210US - North Memorial HealthMedical
77US - Salem HealthMedical
10108US - Nationwide Children's HospitalMedical
52US - Lancaster General HealthMedical
34US - Covenant HealthCareMedical
389US - Methodist HospitalsMedical
10117US - Texas Children'sMedical
369US - Children's Hospital and Medical Center, Omaha NebraskaMedical
152US - The Ohio State University Wexner Medical CenterMedical
59US - Mercy Health System - WIMedical
10014US - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical CenterMedical
10019US - Dayton Children's HospitalMedical
10140US - Mercy Health (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas)Medical
10069US - Seattle Children's HospitalMedical
409US - Tahoe Forest Health SystemMedical
368US - CHI St. VincentMedical
404US - Riverview HealthMedical
293US - Cooper University Health CareMedical
228US - UT Health San AntonioMedical
223US - The Everett ClinicMedical
31US - Children's Health System of TexasMedical
180US - University of Iowa Health CareMedical
10010US - Carilion ClinicMedical
395US - OSF HealthCareMedical
54US - MaineHealthMedical
29US - Cedars-Sinai Health SystemMedical
205US - King's Daughters Medical CenterMedical
10110US - The University of Vermont Health NetworkMedical
10128US - Intermountain HealthcareMedical
402US - Rady Children'sMedical
10101US - Spectrum Health LakelandMedical
177US - The Christ HospitalMedical
211US - Northwestern MedicineMedical
41US - Gundersen Health SystemMedical
90US - TempleHealthMedical
391US - Mount Sinai Medical CenterMedical
24US - Baylor College of MedicineMedical
171US - McFarland Clinic (Iowa)Medical
96US - UF HealthMedical
170US - Mary Greeley Medical Center (Iowa)Medical
320US - Sparrow Health SystemMedical
10020US - Driscoll Children's HospitalMedical
328US - Akron Children's HospitalMedical
378US - Infirmary HealthMedical
195US - Community Medical CentersMedical
42US - Hackensack Meridian HealthMedical
107US - Yuma Regional Medical CenterMedical
85US - St. Elizabeth HealthcareMedical
10031US - Hendricks Regional HealthMedical
234US - Dartmouth-HitchcockMedical
212US - NYU Langone Medical CenterMedical
156US - University of Miami (UHealth)Medical
40US - Genesis Healthcare SystemMedical
82US - Spectrum HealthMedical
182US - UVA Health SystemMedical
88US - SUNY Upstate Medical UniversityMedical
33US - Community Healthcare SystemMedical
181US - University of Rochester Medical CenterMedical
18US - Altru Health SystemMedical
179US - University of Colorado HealthMedical
201US - Grady Health SystemMedical
358US - Access Community Health NetworkMedical
225US - The Vancouver ClinicMedical
10076US - Tampa General HospitalMedical
162US - Confluence HealthMedical
87US - Stormont Vail HealthMedical
112US - Rochester Regional HealthMedical
71US - Providence Health & Services - AlaskaMedical
251US - Memorial Healthcare SystemMedical
187US - Bassett HealthcareMedical
56US - MediSys Health NetworkMedical
303US - LCMC HealthMedical
157US - University of Mississippi Medical CenterMedical
10132US - Ascension IllinoisMedical
418US - Washington Hospital Healthcare SystemMedical
79US - Sansum ClinicMedical
66US - Ochsner Health SystemMedical
172US - Michigan MedicineMedical
43US - Hattiesburg Clinic and Forrest General HospitalMedical
174US - New Hanover Regional Medical CenterMedical
10001US - Adult & Pediatric Ear, Nose & Throat – KalamazooMedical
151US - St. Luke’s Health System (Idaho & Eastern Oregon)Medical
163US - Family Health Center (Michigan)Medical
10038US - Kalamazoo Foot SurgeryMedical
184US - Western Michigan University School of MedicineMedical
10049US - Nephrology Center - Southwest MichiganMedical
10037US - Kalamazoo College Student Health CenterMedical
64US - Novant HealthMedical
27US - Bronson Healthcare GroupMedical
73US - Providence Health & Services - Washington/MontanaMedical
95US - UCLA Medical CenterMedical
47US - Inova and Valley HealthMedical
10013US - Children's WisconsinMedical
63US - Norton HealthcareMedical
72US - Providence Health & Services - Oregon/CaliforniaMedical
10006US - Atrium Health Wake Forest BaptistMedical
101US - Valley Medical CenterMedical
92US - The Portland ClinicMedical
207US - Medical University of South CarolinaMedical
60US - Nebraska MedicineMedical
45US - HonorHealthMedical
199US - Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health SystemMedical
290US - Brookwood Baptist HealthMedical
291US - CHRISTUS HealthMedical
10021US - Duke HealthMedical
10133US - Ascension WisconsinMedical
238US - Piedmont HealthcareMedical
232US - Connecticut Children's Medical CenterMedical
48US - Johns Hopkins MedicineMedical
363US - Asante Health SystemsMedical
94US - Tower HealthMedical
387US - Loma Linda University Health and CareConnect PartnersMedical
10033US - Henry Ford Health SystemMedical
337US - Samaritan Health ServicesMedical
10120US - Baylor Scott & WhiteMedical
309US - OB/GYN Associates of Waco - Dr. Rister, Dr. KoeritzMedical
302US - Lacy C Kessler, MD, PAMedical
215US - PeaceHealthMedical
221US - Stanford Children's HealthMedical
110US - Mercy Medical CenterMedical
250US - WellStarMedical
144US - John Muir HealthMedical
10044US - Mass General BrighamMedical
329US - Ballad HealthMedical
186US - Baptist Memorial Health CareMedical
305US - Mercy Health Services (MD)Medical
253US - Trinity Health of New EnglandMedical
313US - Saint Francis Health SystemMedical
97US - UNC Health CareMedical
116US - Saint Luke's Health SystemMedical
149US - NYC Health + HospitalsMedical
10053US - One Brooklyn Health SystemMedical
244US - OhioHealthMedical
304US - LifespanMedical
366US - Care New EnglandMedical
168US - Lehigh Valley Health NetworkMedical
158US - WakeMed Health and HospitalsMedical
208US - Montefiore Medical CenterMedical
243US - Northwest Community HospitalMedical
165US - Hartford HealthCareMedical
133US - Atlantic HealthMedical
10166US - Atrium – Morehouse HealthcareMedical
10005US - Atrium HealthMedical
314US - Scotland Health Care SystemMedical
411US - The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer CenterMedical
321US - St. Luke's Hospital (North Carolina)Medical
220US - St. Luke's University Health NetworkMedical
117US - Southcoast HealthMedical
10134US - CVS Health & Minute ClinicMedical
131US - Allegheny Health NetworkMedical
10061US - Prisma HealthMedical
36US - El Camino HospitalMedical
322US - Trinity Health of New England Medical Group SpringfieldMedical
46US - Hospital for Special SurgeryMedical
335US - INTEGRIS HealthMedical
204US - Houston MethodistMedical
121US - Centura HealthMedical
287US - Bayhealth Medical CenterMedical
175US - Palos HealthMedical
297US - Greater Baltimore Medical CenterMedical
160US - Baptist Health – KY & INMedical
10121US - Spartanburg Regional Health SystemsMedical
106US - Yakima Valley Farm Workers ClinicMedical
235US - Denver HealthMedical
10070US - Select MedicalMedical
379US - Jefferson HealthMedical
146US - Mayo ClinicMedical
10122US - UPMC Central PAMedical
10075US - Summit HealthMedical
26US - BJC & Washington UniversityMedical
372US - Conemaugh Health SystemMedical
10065US - Riverside Health System (Newport News, VA)Medical
295US - Erlanger Health SystemMedical
10078US - TidalHealthMedical
249US - UMass Memorial Health CareMedical
209US - Mount Auburn HospitalMedical
10109US - Scottish Rite for ChildrenMedical
361US - AnMed HealthMedical
307US - Methodist Health SystemMedical
406US - Southern Illinois HealthcareMedical
10073US - South Shore Health SystemMedical
10091US - Watson ClinicMedical
247US - Scripps HealthMedical
35US - Eisenhower Medical CenterMedical
125US - Northeast Georgia Health SystemMedical
230US - VanderbiltMedical
10048US - Monument HealthMedical
67US - OrthoVirginiaMedical
164US - FirstHealth of the CarolinasMedical
317US - Skagit Regional HealthMedical
231US - Virtua HealthMedical
399US - Pediatric Physicians Organization at Children'sMedical
237US - Main Line HealthMedical
318US - South Georgia Medical CenterMedical
323US - UConn HealthMedical
115US - Charlotte Eye Ear Nose & Throat AssociatesMedical
10157US - MyMichigan HealthMedical
218US - Shannon HealthMedical
414US - UMC Southern NevadaMedical
412US - Trinity HealthMedical
300US - Hill PhysiciansMedical
362US - Arkansas Children'sMedical
248US - St. Charles Health SystemMedical
189US - Bryan HealthMedical
10085US - University of California IrvineMedical
138US - City of HopeMedical
327US - Virginia Hospital CenterMedical
375US - Enloe Medical CenterMedical
142US - Fresenius Medical Care North AmericaMedical
206US - Mary Washington HealthcareMedical
10149US - Premise HealthMedical
10047US - Molina HealthcareMedical
306US - MeritusMedical
292US - Columbus Regional HealthMedical
173US - Montage HealthMedical
374US - Englewood Hospital and Medical CenterMedical
10059US - Pine Rest Christian Mental Health ServicesMedical
222US - The Brooklyn Hospital CenterMedical
10015US - Columbia PhysiciansMedical
245US - Olmsted Medical CenterMedical
10051US - New York-PresbyterianMedical
103US - Weill Cornell MedicineMedical
294US - DaVita Physician SolutionsMedical
415US - United Regional Health Care SystemMedical
405US - San Francisco Department of Public HealthMedical
10040US - Kennedy Krieger InstituteMedical
390US - Mohawk Valley Health SystemMedical
410US - Tanner Health SystemMedical
359US - Alameda Health SystemMedical
10057US - Pacific Dental ServicesMedical
365US - Cape Fear Valley HealthMedical
10083US - UI HealthMedical
10082US - UHS San AntonioMedical
10062US - QuadMedMedical
360US - AltaMedMedical
10088US - Valley Children's HealthcareMedical
10025US - EvernorthMedical
10046US - Middlesex HospitalMedical
371US - Cigna Medical GroupMedical
10055US - Orlando HealthMedical
10084US - United Health Services New York (NYUHS)Medical
376US - EPIC Management (Beaver Medical Group)Medical
10144US - AltaisMedical
10012US - Catholic Health System (Buffalo)Medical
10067US - Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare SystemsMedical
10009US - Cape Cod HealthcareMedical
10074US - Southeast HealthMedical
10058US - Phelps HealthMedical
10077US - The University of Texas Health Science Center at HoustonMedical
10066US - RWJBarnabas HealthMedical
10050US - New Jersey UrologyMedical
10026US - FastMedMedical
10004US - Arrowhead Regional Medical CenterMedical
10086US - University of Louisville PhysiciansMedical
10060US - Planned ParenthoodMedical
10102US - AdventHealthMedical
10034US - Hoag Memorial Hospital PresbyterianMedical
10041US - Licking Memorial Health SystemsMedical
10138US - CommUnityCare Health CentersMedical
10090US - VCU HealthMedical
10147US - OU HealthMedical
10056US - OrthoCarolinaMedical
10003US - Arizona Community PhysiciansMedical
10105US - Baptist Health - Northeast FloridaMedical
10035US - Illinois Bone & Joint InstituteMedical
10029US - George Washington University Medical Faculty AssociatesMedical
10063US - Reid HealthMedical
10098US - Tufts MedicineMedical
10095US - Muscogee - Creek Nation Department of HealthMedical
10125US - St. Jude Children's Research HospitalMedical
10124US - University of ToledoMedical
10071US - Self Regional HealthcareMedical
394US - North Mississippi Health ServicesMedical
10103US - NCH Healthcare SystemMedical
10137US - University Hospitals ClevelandMedical
10092US - West Tennessee HealthcareMedical
10024US - El Rio HealthMedical
10126US - Pikeville Medical CenterMedical
10141US - Children's of AlabamaMedical
10146US - Health Choice NetworkMedical
10152US - InnovageMedical
10135US - McLeod HealthMedical
10127US - Aspen Valley HospitalMedical
10151US - Bozeman HealthMedical
10136US - Mosaic Life CareMedical
10154US - Valley Health SystemsMedical
10142US - EvergreenHealthMedical
10153US - KeyCareMedical
10143US - Summa HealthMedical
10148US - Lakeland Regional Health (FL)Medical
10022US - Duly Health and CareMedical
10106US - Drexel MedicineMedical
10107US - MY DR NOWMedical
10145US - NOMS HealthcareMedical
10155US - Foothill Family ClinicMedical
10150US - Community Technology CooperativeMedical
10165US - SBH Health SystemMedical
10130US - Shriners Children’sMedical
10164US - Midwestern UniversityMedical
10161US - North East Medical ServicesMedical
10159US - Dr. Bruce W Moskowitz, MDMedical
10156US - The CenterMedical
10162US - Central Ohio Primary Care PhysiciansMedical
10163US - San Ysidro HealthMedical