Get data vs give data

Private Sharing is a concept that can work in two ways: you can request personal data from an individual, or you can share personal data back to an individual.

For example, your platform or app may be generating personal data which you want to give a copy of to the individual, or may need to in order to satisfy a GDPR request.’s Private Sharing Platform supports both modes. While the get data APIs and SDKs have been in production for a while, the give data APIs are currently making their way through Beta.

The basic process follows a very similar pattern to the get data APIs. You must present the individual with a private sharing contract so that they agree to receive the data you want to share with them. In order for them to receive the data, they will need a account with a pCloud connected and can sign up for one, for free, if they don’t currently have one.

If you would like to try out the give data APIs please reach out to us via our developer Slack workspace or via email with a short description of how you would like to use our give data APIs and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.